About Me



Talking + Tea = me 

Hi beau-tea-ful people.

I'm Sienna, 18 year old enthusiast of all things health, wellbeing, happiness, fun, socialising, sunshine, hommus, natural remedies and balanced living...

 In 2020, Herbal tea became my love language + spilling tea was my favourite thing to do. To me, spilling tea is having long chats with some close friends about anything and everything. 

During COVID19 2020 lockdown I turned my avid tea drinking tendencies from an obsession into a business (dream come true!) and ‘Spill the Tea Co.’ was born.

Year 9 me, home from boarding school drinking herbal tea by the litre. Spilling tea with my family, spilling tea over the phone, facetime - No matter the state of the world, spilling tea + drinking tea kept me sane.

As a herbal tea addict, I was constantly researching the next ingredients to blend/ tea to try and saw a real gap in the market for tea marketed towards teen/early adults. 


 My aim = bridge the gap between healthy drinks + young people through bringing an aesthetic edge to tea for the upcoming generation (and beyond). 


 Spill the Tea Co was created from this initial habit, lack of options, my passion for health, wellness, sustainability and of course, tea. 7 beautiful blends made with lots of love and thought through small batch blending powerful, ethically sourced herbs and fruit - resulting in the cutest, most delicious daily ritual! 

Now that I have spilt my tea,

gather your besties and start spilling tea whilst nurturing your body with all the goodness of each blend & enjoy the ultimate STT experience

ps check out the STT blog section for some tea w/ amazing people in the health/wellness, mindfulness, fashion, sustainability & business sector. 



Sienna xx