About Me


 If talking was an olympic sport I would win gold. I love to spill tea, not literally...to me, spilling tea is having long chats with some close friends about anything and everything. One minute we laugh, next cry and cover thousands of, probably useless topics, in under an hour. 

Hi I'm Sienna,15 year old herbal tea enthusiast based in rural NSW. Lover of all things health, wellbeing and happiness!

During COVID19 lockdown I turned my avid tea drinking tendencies from an obsession into a business (dream come true!) and ‘Spill the Tea co.’ begun.
As a herbal tea addict, I was constantly researching the next ingredients to blend and tea to try and saw a real gap in the market for tea marketed towards teen/early adults. 

Tea was not perceived as fun, young, trendy, all of which I would associate with my love of tea. This needed to change ASAP! 

Spill the Tea co. was then created with that vision in mind...a new, innovative, aesthetic approach to tea for the upcoming generation (and beyond.)
With my love of health and wellbeing also in the forefront of the Spill the Tea ethos, each blend is created specifically for different health needs and occasions.
So gather some close friends and start spilling tea whilst nurturing your body with all the goodness (goodness=any spill the tea blend).

Sienna xx