WINTER WELLNESS - cos seasonal sadness is boring x

WINTER WELLNESS - cos seasonal sadness is boring x

 I have had enough. Well, I had enough like 2 years ago but THIS YEAR I have made the conscious effort to obliterate seasonal sadness as best as I physically, emotionally, spiritually could. I thought by sharing my daily 'non negotiables' with you (my favs) not only will I hold my easily distracted self accountable but I may too share some little tricks that can help my fellow VOWS (Victims Of Winter). NO HATE to the season itself, just personally speaking we aren't very compatible. However, like all relationships, it's a two way street and I think its my turn to put in some effort. ENJOY & let me know what YOU are doing to cope w the cold via the contact page on the STT website CLICK HERE TO SPILL TEA W ME

(srsly all the ideas would be GREATLY APPRECIATED) xxxx

1) H Y D R A T E!!!!!!!!!

Frank Green you are the LOML (love of my life). I have always been a water gal although since owning an emotional support 1L drink bottle I have been the most hydrated ever (winning). Would recommend investing in a water bottle that encourages you to drink water, or if you are a camel that drinks an annual glass of water TAKE. A. WATER. BOTTLE. EVERYWHERE!!!!!! The thing I love about Frank (or Frank dupes if you are saving for a 2024 euro trip) is that you can drink hot or cold water all day and pick your colour combo for lid and bottle (adorable). Anyway, this email is not sponsored by Frank Green but if ever you are speaking to them tell them to hit me up xxx

2) Triple M (not the radio station)

My new thing is what I call the 'Triple M' which stands for; Mornings, Movement + Meditation (and the importance of such). Now before you exit this email cos ommms a(hhh)re not your thing, HEAR ME OUT! I have never ever ever (operative word NEVER) been a morning person. I quite literally despise the thought of waking up early during winter HOWEVER after much self education re Seasonal Sadness, waking up w the sun was a key theme throughout. Now what I have discovered is that self placed expectations are the biggest killer of early wake ups (source: me). Instead, wake up 20, even 10 minutes earlier than usual and literally just. wake. up. That's all, open your blinds, get some natural light on your face and wake up. Maybe do some lowkey movement/stretches if you feel like it. Spend some time breathing - smelling stunning essential oils (peppermint in the morning is a personal fav) is always the best way to create a zen state of mind. Set an intention or a goal and finally THANK YOURSELF for allowing this time just for YOU - something that we seem to forget to do far too often! Continue the beautifully calm morning with tea and you are free to slay the day.

3) Radiate + Receive

You know that saying give and receive, well the more you give to yourself, the more you will get back in return (win win). By surrounding yourself with people who make life feel like sunshine all year round, laughing lots, letting go of what no longer serves you and accepting the floating rock mentality* you will be amazed how everything around you seems a whole lot more peaceful, collected and ultimately, happier! YAY

*the floating rock mentality is reminding yourself that we are literally living on a floating rock and while life can be v stressful, remembering that fact helps to put things in perspective in relation to the unnecessary nature of stress inducing tasks! ADOPT THIS MENTALITY!!!!



I am a big advocate for living in slight delusion - instead we call this 'romanticising your life'. What I mean by that is taking a little bit of each day to do something that fills your cup. Listen to new music next time you're in the car, walk + podcast, make a goal to watch 3 sunsets a week, try a new food or make something yum, take a tea to school/work, talk to someone that you haven't properly met, plan something w your besties. There are SO MANY things that are free and easily accessible to add some spice to daily life, take advantage of these experiences and go live your best life.

5) Immunity

Avoiding a cold is possibly the hardest game ever (especially if you are in school it's practically impossible). Immune boosting foods and dranks (hello tea) is the best way to naturally support the body and soul to create your best, most sick proof self!! Honour your cravings & indulge in all the vegetables, greenery + comfort foodies. slays all round <333

recipe below for an immune boosting elixir that I have been downing this winter xxxx 

(shot it if your game or dilute w warm water) 

thank you for joining this tea session and most of all thank YOU for supporting Spill the Tea Co - I LOVE YOU!

Be kind to yourself, seasonal change is hard but always remember the floating rock mentality xxxx

Have a wonderful weekend ( in my head Thursday is the new Saturday - EMBRACING the delulu mindset)


Sienna xxoxoxoxoxoxo

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